About Us

We lead IT projects to success with humanity.

We, Equip GmbH, are a unique IT service provider. We have been helping our customers implement their IT projects successfully for many years. To do this, we look for and find suitable IT specialists with versatile skills in numerous sectors. Our service portfolio covers providing temporary workers, project assignments and recruiting services.

Equip GmbH was founded back in 2002. At the time, our managing directors had already been working in the software development industry for many years and it was difficult to find suitable IT specialists to support projects even then. An independent company grew from one of the first successful employee recommendations to an employer. Demand for IT experts was already high back then, but has since multiplied. This is reflected in our constantly growing success.

Above all, our customers appreciate our know-how and extensive experience as well as working together with us as partners. It’s important that we get to know our customers well and in person and also to understand them so that we can respond to their requirements flexibly and individually.


Our values are perfectly clear and part of our success:


We are all people and we work with and for people. People are individual. This individuality is extremely important to us: everyone should be – and should be allowed to be – exactly as they are. That’s exactly what makes our work successful, and makes working with us something special.


We get to know our customers and candidates well and in person. We are convinced that this is the only way to really work efficiently. We achieve this thanks to our optimal size, among other things.

(Programming) language diversity

We want to understand our customers and candidates. Understanding leads to greater success and also makes everything more fun when you understand the “why” behind it. That’s why we speak a wide range of languages, including those of the IT experts.


We follow trends and keep our finger on the pulse. We are curious and always searching for new potential solutions and creative approaches. We always welcome new ideas.


We trust each other and also enjoy a trusting cooperation. We trust in our strengths, that is, in each individual strength of our employees and as a result, we trust in success.


We know what we want and what’s important to us. We don’t give up on the way to reaching our objectives. We always have staying power and we persevere, even if special IT experts can be hard to find.


Martina Jaros

+43 2235 211 83-10 

Martina is passionate about her job. She has been following our vision of achieving a successful outcome for IT projects in terms of personal relations since we founded our company 20 years ago. She is always looking for new paths and is open to innovative ideas. She supports our customers and partners with passion and is always ready to listen to her colleagues.

Harald Jaros

+43 2235 211 83-15 

Harald loves working with numbers especially for our finance division and regularly provides us with statistics, tables and information (even going above and beyond the call of duty). Despite all these facts, figures and data, he’s always ready to crack a joke. Harald is a man of action, which is apparent with online orders in particular: no sooner said than done. 

Angela Varughese

+43 2235 211 83-21

Angela is a member of our Talent Acquisitions team and she finds the right IT specialists for us in her communicative, empathetic and structured way. She enjoys having in-depth conversations with her friends and family, likes to watch the sun rise and set now and again, and makes sure she eats something sweet every day.

Marjan Mileski

+43 2235 211 83-14

Marjan is looking for suitable IT candidates for our team and his background in IT has been beneficial for this. He enjoys spendig his free time outside in nature – whatever the weather – with his wife and two children. The familiy particularly enjoys theme parks where Marjan is kept busy with a tightly-packed schedule for the kids.

Angelika Autherit

+43 2235 211 83-16

Angelika is the person in our team with a creative mind full of ingenuity. She takes care of our in-house and public image. A lover of the sun with an equally sunny disposition, she is open, the embodiment of direct communication and loves travelling and the world. She counterbalances this by dipping into the silent world of books.

Sonja Pock

+43 2235 211 83-12

Sonja passionately cares about our employees’ concerns. With her empathetic and open manner, she
makes the whole team feel good and well looked-after. To counterbalance work, she enjoys spending
time in nature with her little family and regularly takes time out for yoga.

Michael Kreibich

+43 2235 211 83-13

We see Michi as our inventor and loveable scatterbrain. He makes sure that all of our IT systems run smoothly and develops internal products. He’s a complete coffee junkie and needs three cups (with plenty of milk and sugar) every morning before he can remember his own name. He spends all of his spare time with his young family.

Sandra Milla

+43 2235 211 83-0 

As part of her two-year retraining program in application development and coding, Sandra is
completing an internship with us, allowing her to apply and implement her acquired skills in practical
scenarios. She brings her logical reasoning and enjoyment of solving puzzles to her job on a daily
basis. Through her primary hobby of gaming, she regularly ventures into diverse pixelated worlds.
Additionally, she has a deep affection for cats and enjoys spending her leisure time with her four-
legged companions.